Saturday, August 26, 2006

Posting Video

Sometimes posting a video isn't that easy. This post didn't start out to be a test bed for all the video blogging hosting services, but it seems to be turning out that way. ;-)

First Try:
Lifeblog - I sent a video, via a Nokia N93 cell phone using Lifeblog to Typepad. I got the error "Web server reported error." Doesn't tell me enough. Sent a request into support.

Second Try:
Hipcast - Uploading and posting is easy. The encode to Flash darkened the first few frames. I sent in a support request to have them re-encode. I work with Eric and Hipcast and I've never seen this before. Maybe jsut a glitch.

Third Try:
Vimeo - Here to, uploading and posting was easy. The encoded Flash video made the audio go out of sync with the video. I've emailed them. I haven't seen this happen on Vimeo before either.

Nokia N93 Photo Sent via Lifeblog WiFi on Vimeo

Third Try, Part Two:
FreeVideoCoding - The generated code gave me a nice still frame that played when you clicked on it, but no text link URL, so I made one, but that video plays in a new window, which is inconsistent with the video playing as an embeded video. I used the original .mov file that is hosted on Vimeo for this one.

Photo to Typepad via Lifeblog on Nokia N93

Click to Download

Fourth Try:
Vlog Central - Uploading and posting to blog was easy. Encoding gave me a QuickTime and Windows version which both played as embeded when clicked on. I've been a beta user of Vlog Central for a while now and it always works. It'll be good to see it be available to a wider audience.

This post will be updated as I hear back from the different video hosting services mentioned. Don't think of this post as being finished. It's an ongoing collaborative post between me, the vendors and you the readers. - Since I'm uploading all over the place, here's the video over on too. Initial thumbnail is black and uploading a new thumbnail on blip is failing. I've got an email in to support. Again, this usually does not happen.

Watch the Video

YouTube - Here's the video on YouTube. It also has a few dark frames at the start. Something quirky with Flash encoding I guess. I changed the HTML to make it smaller on the blog [ width="300" height="225" ]:

Please comment. Thanks.

More testing of the Nokia N93 is on my Nokia N93 test Center Blog.


  1. Your Vlog Central Windows Media version is really jittery and jumpy.

  2. Carl - I sent that report in to Vlog Central.

  3. It's a very cool Max Headroom effect!

  4. Vlog Central WMV has been corrected. :)

  5. What a great idea to combine a short review of the N93 with testing various video-uploading services!

    Citizen journalists are becoming increasingly powerful.

  6. Anonymous8:23 AM

    You should try with dailymotion, they have so nice VGA-size embedded video frame you can put on your blog :-)
    About the uploading, I guess best is to upload directly the video on their site and,
    - either choose their option to blog the video directly (if you have already configure one target blog in your dailymotion account)
    - or copy/paste the HTML code for the VGA-size embedded video frame directly as new post via the browser.
    Cheers - cooli.

  7. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Hi - did you ever get a reponse to the 'web server reported error' response? as I can't seem to get past this.

  8. Anonymous,
    I gave up with Lifeblog. I use VOX now and it works fine with the N95.