Thursday, August 03, 2006

Samiyah Spam

I just got another email from Citizens For Samiyah.

It includes a HUGE portrait of Samiyah and two attachments.

The first time I got an email like this from her, I replied and explained that the image was TOO BIG and sending something like that is not going to go over well with people because it's going to fill up their mailboxes.

Secondly, I told her that she shouldn't send out pdf's as attachments.

Send out a text email. A large percentage of people ARE NOT going to open the attachments to see what you have to say. Have you ever heard of computer viruses? People delete attachments all the time without reading them. I'm deleting yours.

If you are in love with your attachments, at least put SOME TEXT in the email to tell me what's inside the attached pdf files.

I'm voting for Sonia Chang-Diaz.

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