Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sprinkleman act1

Can I have some sprinkles on that?

In Boston, at Friendly's they are called Jimmies.

You know why?


  1. Merriam-Webster says that the etymology of "jimmies" as "tiny rod-shaped bits of usually chocolate-flavored candy often sprinkled on ice cream" is unknown.

    According to Wikpedia, the Just Born candy company says "jimmies" were named in the 1930's after a company employee, Jimmy Bartholomew. However, the Wikipedia article also reports that, in 2004, the Boston Globe investigated the etymology, citing a 1986 NPR commentary. In it, John Ciardi claimed to have heard the term in Boston as early as 1922.

    The earliest I remember is driving down to Boston from New Hampshire in the 1950's and ordering jimmies on my huge vanilla cone at Brighams, We'd drive home with a box of Dorothy Muriel cupcakes.

  2. Excellent collaboration and research!

    On the back of the check at Friendly's it told the story:

    When Jimmy had his brithday, he'd get a special treat, shaved chocolate on top of his ice cream. When his brother asked to get chocolate sprinkles on his ice cream too, his mother replied, "No, they're Jimmy's"


  3. The jimmie story reminds me of when Steve was a baby and asked me for "more."

    I said what do you want more of - he said he wanted "more" and pointed to the refrigerator.

    I was always asking him if he wanted more milk and he thought the word for milk was "more!"