Friday, August 04, 2006

Streaming isn't a success for me

Ad Age reports, ABC's Streaming-Video Test Yields 16 Million Downloads:
"Disney-ABC Television Group announced that its two-month ad-supported web-streaming experiment yielded 16 million video streams and 5.7 million episode requests. Disney-ABC said last month the streaming program will be reinstated in October. "
I took a look at the streams and they were very good, but on my plane flight home from Blogher, I watched Kyle XY, which I had downloaded from the iTunes Music Store. I also watched some of the pilot episode of Psych.

You can't do that with streaming.

I watched the rest of Psych at home last night, on my Mac. Carol was in another room and thought I was watching TV.

Downloading a show for playback is a much better method, than streaming. With streaming, you need to have a broadband connection. With a downloaded show, you can pause it, and resume playback wherever you left off.

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