Friday, March 24, 2006

Devo 2.0

Out today, Walt Disney Records, Devo 2.0.
[ Beware: Songs play when site is visited ]

Rolling Stone calls it, "Pointless."


  1. Two words to describe this (and all of Devo) at its core:



    'nuff said.

  2. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Well the real indication of the sellout nature of Dev20 is the slightly modified ´Beautiful World´- which in the original Devo version had the punchline "for you .. but not for me" . In the Disney-fied "pre-teen world" version , this is changed to "its a beautiful world .. for you .. for you .. and for me too !!" ... sheesh !!

    this was a perfect opportunity for Casale and Mothersbaugh to subvert one of the great cultural institutions most in need of subverting .. namely Disney MDC (multi-death corporation) ..

    "disapointemento" ...