Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I think about the audio

Micah Sifry at Berkman at 10

Geoff Daily quotes me in The Ultimate Guide to Creating Online Video Content That Works, Part 2
Steve Garfield, one of the first and most well-respected video bloggers, agreed. “
No. 1, I think about the audio,” he says. “

No. 2, I think about framing.

No. 3
, I have to hold the camera steady.”
Garfield has also put significant consideration into producing video with the camera on his mobile phone, as much of the video he makes happens as he goes about his day. “When I’m using the Nokia n95, the mic is on the side, so I’ve had to figure out how to rig this external mic for better sound. For holding it steady, I have a monopod I’ve rigged up to my cell phone that I use a lot,” he says.
Cool. Thanks Geoff.


  1. Hey did you rig the tripod to hold your phone? Would it work with an iphone?

  2. It's a Nokia tripod made for hte N95 nad it would work on the iPhone