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Testing out as an aggregator for all my media.

This weekend my cousin gave me some feedback. He said he couldn't keep track of all the things I'm doing.


Prior to the growth in video sharing sites, you knew that all my videos would be one place, on my video blog. Now that there are more choices for video hosting, my media could be in any number of places.

I'm using the different sites for different types of content.

The video blog has more edited pieces, qik has live streams, vimeo has some HD footage, YouTube could have any number of types of content. I'm also testing out Facebook for HD hosting and using Seesmic for having video conversations. Testing 12 Seconds too.

But all that media doesn't end up on the video blog anymore.

There needs to be a place where my mom can go to easily see what media I'm creating.

So I took a look at my main site and had Carol give some suggestions.

Although I have menus for Video and Photo, she said she wanted to see the videos and photos right away when she visited the page. So I added a video player and a flickr photo bar. I'm still working on the player to enable it to play one video after another.

Update: The player plays my videos, one ofter another.

That takes care of my main content. Qik is there too.

But it doesn't address the larger problem of my media being scttered all over the web.

I decided to try out my friend's aggregator at

I don't have admin access yet, but think this is a great way to see all my media on one page.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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  1. I have never played with respondr... I'm going to have to check that out!