Monday, December 01, 2008

Twitter is the new blogging, blogging is the new journalism

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global voices, one world - twitter is the new blogging, blogging is the new journalism:
"Paul Boutin from Wired argues that this means blogging is dead. But blogging is changing - it is true that some of the earlier things you would do with blogs are increasingly moving to other venues - “bookmarks comments” is now delicious, while “immediate comments” is now twitter and where “sharing with friends” is moving to facebook.

So what are blogs these days?

Robert Scoble succinctly states in the Wired article that he keeps his blog mostly for long-form writing. Long-form writing? That’s fascinating. We have come full circle.

Blogging used to be about links, comments and immediacy - that is twitter now.

Journalism was/is about long-form in-depth writing. What Scoble suggests is that blogging is increasingly moving into this space. Where twitter is now the new blogging, blogging is now on its way to become the new journalism."


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    full circle indeed. What's a rookie blogger to do? What's going to occupy the space between journalism and the new blogging. You know, stuff that's not quite long form but takes more than 140 characters to express. This comment is too long for TWITTER

  2. Anonymous6:18 AM

    I was thinking about it a lot lately. I had this of conducting Twitter interviews, where questions and answers are limited to 140 characters. Wonder who will be the first journalist to do that :-)