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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Gary Vaynerchuk on CBS The Early Show

Here's a YouTube recording of Gary Vaynerchuk on CBS The Early Show.

It was automaticaly posted to YouTube after my live Qik stream of Gary Vaynerchuk on CBS The Early Show finished streaming. Cool.

Head over to the CBS EARLY SHOW website.

I'm wondering why segments like this, which would attract a HUGE live internet audience are not streamed live. They should be.

It was fun to add a little comentary at the end about Bush leaving the White House to make this fair use... ;-) I wish the White House Christmas Tree would have been a still shot though.

I'd love to hear back from CBS on my idea to live stream internet appropriate segments.

UPDATE 11:07 AM:

CBS hosts the video in this post:

Wine 101: What To Serve, What To Give.

I'm not sure when this was embedded. The text post was definately there right after the segment aired. If the video was there then, I missed it. Probably needs to be larger.

When you click on that video's Share/Embed link, you get this:

Embed Video
Sorry, this video cannot be embedded!

Video URL
Copy the link above to share this video.
When you go to THAT direct link to the Video URL on CBS: you'll find that version CAN be embedded.

This is what you see when you click on the < > Embed link:

Here's the embeded video:

Watch CBS Videos Online

It would be nice if the CBS embeded video had a Thunbnail Image.

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  1. Nice catch. Thanks for sharing Steve!

  2. Steve, thanks for posting even more GV to the net. The shot of the TV was classic, I have to do that more often... if I had a TV.