Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What Does The Future Look Like?

Belen Bogado Interviewed Me

Northeastern University Grad Student Belen Bogado interviewed me for a class project. We had a lot of fun and she just emailed me two follow up questions.

CC Chapman says in his blog post Reflecting Back, Aiming Forward:
Start thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2009. Figure out what you can accomplish before the end of the year and strive for that as well. If there are people who can help you reach those goals then share with them and talk to them about how you need their help.
Good idea. Like CC, I've always got a million ideas percolating. I usually make it a point to make one big New Years reolution.

In 2004 it was starting a video blog, in 2005 it was making one video each week for The Carol and Steve Show.

Note: Both of these projects were pre-YouTube!

Here are Belen's final two questions for me. I've answered them here.

What are my future projects?
I'm always looking to work with new technologies to tell stories, so I'll be on the lookout for those tools that will make telling stories with video easier and better.

That includes broadcasting live streams of HD video with mobile devices.

I'm going to be working with new and existing clients to help them tell their stories with video and get involved with social media.

I'll also be participating in Citizen Journalism projects and hope that I can work on both the local, national and worldwide level to encourage existing media outlets to see the value of work with viewers.
What do you think your future looks like?
The future is bright and full of possibilities.

I'm looking forward to:

- working with consumer electronics companies to evaluate new products help guide them in their future product plans

- get involved with Hollywood to produce some behind the scenes packages of shows that I love

- work closely with both local and national news organizations to help them include viewer content on their platforms with proper attribution

- expand my teaching and speaking
What are your future projects, what do you think the future looks like?

Can we help each other with our goals?


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    What Does The Fututure Look Like?

    What Does The Future Look Like?