Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'll be Panasonic's guest at CES09

CES Content Creators

Greg Verdino writes What happens at CES, happens courtesy of Panasonic and explains that Panasonic "has invited five social media guests to document and share their CES experiences with their communities".

He goes on to explain:
Panasonic has invited a handful of guest content creators, culled from the social media rank and file, to join them at CES 2009. They're flying them out and giving them front row seats at press conferences, new product announcements, exhibit hall presentations and more. They're putting some of the latest and greatest Panasonic gear -- digital cameras, standard- and high definition camcorders, and more -- in their hands. They're setting them loose to document their CES experiences.
Check out his post for all the details.

Disclosure: I'll be Panasonic's guest at #CES09.

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