Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Media Makers as seen on Chronicle

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I was on Chronicle talking about making media and live streaming with the Nokia N95 over the AT&T 3G network via Qik, and using twitter to send out notifications to my over 6,000 followers.

You can see me interviewing Freezepop and John Tobin. Also seen is the Kodak Zi6.

"Bloggers like Garfield stand on the cusp of a broadcast breakthrough using tiny technolgies that talk directly to their online audience, anytime, anywhere."
Money quote: "Anyone can do this."

John Herman is also featured.

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Steve Garfield Featured on WCVB Boston's Chronicle Tuesday, December 16: Media Makers

Thanks to Qik for the N95, and AT&T for the cell service. I'm paid by John Tobin to produce videos and photos for his website. Next New Networks paid me to interview Freezepop. Thanks to the Middle East Upstairs for providing the venue for the interview.

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  1. Excellent Piece on Chronicle! (one of my favorite shows) Makes you look very good!

    I must say that what really blew me away was your use of the cell phone sized camera, the "N95"? Being able to wirelessly stream live to the web with such a small unit is amazing!