Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ask Jimmy Fallon: How are you going to include the audience in the show?

This is great. Jimmy did his first Ask Jimmy segment and answered my question.
Jimmy: The first one up is from Steve Garfield, our old pal.

Steve: It's great to see you videoblogging, I love the behind the scenes stuff and I'm excited about the possibility of you including content from the people formally known as the audience. What are you going to do with that, how are you going to include us?

Jimmy: Thanks, that's a good question Steve Garfield. We want to include the audience as much as we can... This willl carry over to our show... I think it's awesome. Whatever's coming out, however we can incorporate technology with the audience, and our show, you will be on the show. Good question.

Thanks for answering. I'm looking forward to contributing and being on the show. ;-)

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  1. Steve, that was so cool!! Felt like I was watching the edges of two worlds overlap.