Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jimmy Fallon introduces the writing staff

Jimmy introduces the writing staff as he lets you sit in on a Late Night writers meeting.

I commented on his blog:
Hi Jimmy,
Brilliant. I tweeted a link to this.

Two years ago at SXSW I was at a panel with the writers from the Simpsons. They told how much fun it was in the writer's room. I suggested that they record and share what goes on.

They didn't.

You did.

Would love to see more.

Don't let those jokes die a lonely death.

Your writers should all be on twitter sharing those jokes.
I think Jimmy can add value to his blog by providing links along with the video, in addition to the one line description that he currently has up there. In fact, he could even write more than just the one line. It's a good way for the blog post to be picked up by Google, by providing a textual description of what's in the video.

It is a blog, so here's how I would have added additional information to the post, if I was writing it.

The Writing Staff - Where I Found Them Online

Amy Ozols - The New Yorker, A Mass Email:
I’m writing because I’ve lost my cell phone, and I’d really appreciate it if each of you could reply to this message with your phone number, home address, and any other pertinent information I might need to get in touch with you. I kept all that information in the cell phone that I lost. I never wrote it down on a piece of paper or in a book, or backed it up on a computer, because cell phones are historically quite dependable, and not prone to getting lost or stolen—at least, not where I come from, a place where there is neither crime nor personal failure. I come from Iceland.
Bashir Salahuddin - On IMDb. Hey look: The Hebrew Hammer (2003) (title song vocalist) You've seen The Hebrew Hammer, right?

Mike DiCenzo - On Facebook!

Gerard Bradford - Facebook!

Diallo Riddle - On twitter!

Web Links:

Flame - A body spray by Burger King. That Burger King guy is sick.

Zimbabwean Air Force Commander Survives Assassination Attempt

Katy Perry eyes own fashion line

Spencer Elden, the Nirvana baby engages in some adult swim

Did Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Fake Their Wedding Scene?

And I can't forget a link to Lindow Man. Thanks to Jimmy's sister Gloria Fallon for that.

Lindow Manchester - A blog about Lindow Man.

There you go, links to all the people in the video and links to all the sites mentioned.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    You might enjoy this - Hallmark Cards Shoebox division has a blog at shoebox - they claim Hallmark uses 20% of their stuff, and the blog is for the other 80%. It's pretty funny stuff, and a great use of "non-usable" jokes...

  2. That Shoebox blog is so jampacked with content that it's hard to keep up. Very funny stuff over there.