Monday, December 15, 2008

Steve Garfield Featured on WCVB Boston's Chronicle Tuesday, December 16: Media Makers

Tuesday, December 16: Media Makers - Chronicle HD News Story - WCVB Boston:
"It's an astounding menu of television and web programming, everything from heart tugging reality television, mini-documentaries and animated children's series, to fast breaking news and information. But this is no lineup for a national network. It's the variety of shows produced right here in New England by independent producers, work that is seen on local and cable outlets. Tonight, Chronicle takes you behind the scenes of some of the area's most intriguing homegrown programs."
Chronicle Crew

The Chronicle team, Producer Jason Potts and videographer Bob Oliver, followed me for a day and got footage of me doing two projects.

Here's a video I shot of them when we first met at Boston's City Hall Plaza: Jason Potts from Chronicle says it IS all about me!. Videobloggers will think this is very funny because a joke we've shared over the years is how some people have the impression that videoblogging is all about the videoblogger and not the subject. So it was funny when Jason said that this story was all about me. ;-)

The first project they covered was me shooting video of Boston City Councillor John Tobin out side the ugliest building in the world, Boston's City Hall, where he talked about tearing it down.

Video on Plans for a New City Hall in Government Center, Boston

Video: John Tobin Talks about Videoblogging

The other was a shoot I did for Next New Networks, where I interviewed the Boston Band Freezepop.


Photos Courtesy Belen Bogado (c) All rights reserved

Rough Cut video: Interview with Freezepop

Final Video: I Want My MP3: Freezepop (Episode 3)

Also featured:

My friend John Herman and some of his projects: Odd Noggin, Energy Smackdown.

Plus: Powderhouse , Boston.TV , Shoetube, Iron Brides, Deos Animation, Ribert & Robert’s Wonderworld , BNN.

Watch the segment here.

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