Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night!

Did you see that I was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night?

Very cool.

Well, not really on, but he did read my comment.

Jimmy gets it.

I sent in a comment about the wording on his site that incorrectly stated that he was going to post a new video blog each night.

He isnt' posting a new video blog each night, he's posting a new video on a blog each night.

If you were posting a new video blog, you'd actually be making up a whole new site with a new URL, header, graphics, etc.

I thought the battle against the imporpoer use of the word video blog was lost with all the YouTube kids saying they were always posting new video blogs when all they were actualy doing was posting a new video. All is not lost.

Note to Jimmy's webmaster:

Change the title in the video player.


Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - New Video Blog Weeknights 12:35/11:35c

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - New Video Weeknights 12:35/11:35c

Jimmy Fallon is listening.

I'm excited about the possibilities of collaboration.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon could be ground breaking like Rick Sanchez on CNN with his use of Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Jimmy has embraced Social Media.

He's joined these social networks that I participate in:

Facebook * We're friends here * Friend Me!
Twitter * We're friends here * Friend Me!
flickr * We're friends here * Friend Me!
FriendFeed * We're friends here * Friend Me!
Yelp * We're friends here * Friend Me! * We're friends here * Friend Me!

Ning * We're friends here * Friend Me!
YouTube * We're friends here * Friend Me!
myNBC * We're friends here * Friend Me!

Jimmy joined these that I'm a member of:

Digg [ me ]
MySpace [ me ]
Mixx [ me ]
Reddit [ me ]

Jimmy also joined these others. Guess he wants friends anywhere he can find them:


I like how Jimmy mentioned using Skype in the way Tom Green uses it on his live internet show that he broadcasts from his house.

We'll see what happens.

Maybe tonight he'll play the video I sent in? :-)

How much of an impact do you think Jimmy Fallon's embrace of Social Media will have on his new show?


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Very cool, Steve. I like Jimmy Fallon and wish him success. It's great to see a celeb actually using social media instead of farming out the task to their helpers.

  2. Didn't realize that networks were allowing embedding of their videos. Big progress. Congratulations, networks!

    And congrats, Steve, for being heard. Once networks start hearing & responding, more is possible.

  3. Anonymous9:18 AM

    This is very interesting. I wonder why more celebs don't use social media to their advantage (like 50cent does!). Twitter is a good example, imagine following Brad Pitt or Angelina throughout the day.
    To answer your question it's hard to say what impact this will have on Fallon's show. For instance, you're one of three people on his Ning page and he has 40+ friends on I'd say not much. (i didn't look at the others) From an outsider's perspective I believe he's over extended. He'll have to make sure All channels are consistent and up to date with content or it could work against him. Personally, it would be better if he narrowed down his selection and keep what's most relevant to his prime audience. Perhaps connecting everything to one blog or site would be good too (i didn't find one).

    I believe his content should be what can't be found elsewhere; for example, Flickr pics behind the scenes and production photos of his show; maybe use Qik or Kyte for some fun behind the scene videos too, etc. Anything to retain the audience for other 23hrs of the day.

    Right now I get the impression he's just going through the motions of using Social Media just to say they're using it.

  4. @brian He's joined so many sites that I think he does have to have his staff help him participate in some of the sites. Much like Barack Obama did with twitter. When A staff person used hte account to let us know when he was going live somewhere. That was ok. Then when Barack posted, "I'm getting ready to go onstage." I had hte feelign that it was him... At least some of hte time. I hope Jimmy embraces twitter after he figures out it's a two way community.

    @Jan It was cool to be the first shout out. I'm looking forward to continuing the conversation and helping them use social media as a way to get to know the audience as opposed to just a marketing platform to send out messages.

    @Kyle Right on. Even I don't belong to 18 different networks. As you see in the post, some I use more than others. Maybe Jimmy will gravitate to ones he likes more thatn others. Networks where he can talk to interesting people. I'm right with you on your suggestions for him to use flickr and Qik... When they have me visit, I'll explain it all to him. ;-)