Friday, January 29, 2010

Saturday: Steve Garfield on CBS News Backstage Live

I'm going to be on CBS News Backstage Live on Saturday morning with Rick Borutta and Cali Carlin, talking about my book, Get Seen.

Rick produces the show and moderates the chat while Cali anchors.

Follow Rick and Cali on twitter.

Visit: CBS News, Ustream.TV: CBS News behind the scenes live news coverage. Breaking News.

Here's what the show looks like on a Saturday morning:

I talk about Backstage Live in my book, Get Seen, on pages 191 - 192.

I love how the show is interactive and includes the people formerly known as the audience.

CBS Backstage Live uses Ustream for their live stream and chat, along with Wirecast to support multiple cameras.

The newly released Ustream Producer Pro makes support of multiple cameras part of the Ustream product line.

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