Saturday, January 02, 2010

Comcast 4 FREE On Demand Movies - EXPIRED

What's Wrong With This Picture?
There are a lot of things wrong with this offer, beside the fact that when I tried to redeem it, it had expired.

1. You have to visit a website to redeem the free offer.

It would have been easier to just credit my Comcast account for $23.96 ($5.99 x 4)

2. The free offer included 4 free movie coupons that you would get each month.

Same response as above. Sending me a free coupon does not help when I use automatic billing.

It would mean that I'd have to mail in a payment card IN ADDITION to my electronic payment. Video On Demand
I just ordered a few movies from and had them scheduled to be delivered to my TiVo. I might have considered ordering On Demand movies from Comcast, but Comcast don't allow ordering On Demand movies via TiVo.

Comcast's Loss is's Gain.

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