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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple - iPad - The worst way to experience Flash videos, vlogging, and live video streaming

So there you have it, the new iPad.

Syler doesn't look happy. Probably because the devices he uses in the movies are better than the iPad.

According to Apple:

Apple - iPad - The best way to experience the web, email, and photos.

Maybe they'll make the iPad better in version 2.0?

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on an iPad at MacWorld SF to experience the speed that everyone is talking about, but it's missing features that I was really hoping it would have.

It's missing some features that even the iPhone has. So it's not even just a bigger iPhone.

What's Missing from the iPad:

1. Camera
It doesn't even have a camera like the iPhone. Seems like it should.

2. Video Camera
Video Camera
There's no iSight video camera on the iPad. I would have been sweet if the iPad had something like an iSight camera so you could record video or live stream.

3. Cellphone
There is an option for 3G service, but it doesn't sound like it's for voice calling, just data only. Would have been nice if the iPad WAS actually a phone.

Those Skype handsets that plug into laptops are cool, which leads me to my next point, no USB.

4. USB
Skype handsets
Granted there's no camera, but how about a USB port, or two, to allow hooking up a webcam with a mic?

5. iLife
There was an update for iWork, but what about iLife? How about an insanely great way to create multimedia content for the rest of us?

If the iPad had a video camera, it only makes sense that an update to iMovie would follow that would make movie making even easier.

I wrote about this prior to the launch:
Is the 'Crush It' Vook a Preview of Apple's Tablet.

The iPad supports the ePub format for book publishing, but what about books that support multimedia? Audio, Video, Links?

6. Flash video

Those YouTube HD movies look great, but the iPad doesn't support Flash. All the video sites I use present video using Flash. Hmm... There'll be a lot of 'missing plugin' icons on web pages on the iPad.

7. Sport Illustrated
What happened to the Sports Illustrated vision of the future?

What do you think? Do you want one?

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  1. I'm going to wait for sure. The lack of Flash support is a big drawback. I get frustrated with it on my iphone.

    Plus, I think using that keyboard is going to make sharing and commenting a real pain - figuratively and literally. This more of a device for consuming rather than creating and sharing.

    I'd also like to see it operate as a standalone device. As it stands now you still have to sync it. The Hub is great but I'm getting kind of tired being tethered to it.

  2. As I was sitting in my den last night, watching TV, with the lights off, and a laptop on my lap, I couldn't imagine having to type on an iPad. And don't get me started about the ergonomics of having to look down at the screen. Not good.

  3. I'm with you on the misses.

    The other BIG miss in my opinion is that if this is suppose to replace a note or legal pad then where is my ability to write on the screen with a stylus.

    I've always wanted a tablet that could replace my good old paper notebook and I thought this might be it, but nope.

    It is still a very cool device, but misses the mark on what it really could be. Guess we'll see what version 2 has. Or the Maxi iPad. (sorry couldn't resist)

  4. Agreed. I want to be able to write, doodle, record, share quickly and comfortably. How can you do that with it propped up on your legs? I'm sure a whole line of stands is going to come out now. Then I can see it a picture frame "netpliance" in the kitchen.

    Still hopeful for it as a reader. I love Kindle on the iphone.

  5. Steve,

    While there are a couple of shortcomings, there is tremendous potential.

    I thought Vook's GUI was very nice and was hoping for something similar in the iPad. While we didn't get it, it doesn't mean it's not achievable.

    We can create great looking interactive & mixed media web pages with HTML for viewing in Safari. Imagine having video playing in a web page along with text and hyperlinks. The Vook "look" could easily be created and even enhanced by including dynamic, web-based content via an iFrame or something. So, it wouldn't be Flash but HTML instead.

    And while we haven't see it yet, I'm wondering if there will be a way to compile Keynote presentations in a "view" only mode. This could literally give us a blank slate to design video based presentations interfaces. One could easily hyperlink between slides with that. I think this opens up all sorts of creative solutions without having to be a programmer.

    So, while it's not perfect, I still see a lot of potential in creating video based training & performance support for the iPad.

  6. @Scott Nice point about Keynote.

  7. I just think the whole "tablet" category is a bust. We seem to be holding on the idea that there needs to be a category between notebook/netbooks and smartphones. Why? How is, say, a netbook with a reversible screen not a better idea than a separate, somewhat crippled tablet? I say we let go of this unicorn of a category.

  8. It's the same old, tired song: Every time Apple releases a product we bitch and moan about what it "could have been." Then, six months later, we all wonder how we lived life before that product existed.