Monday, January 25, 2010

Is the 'Crush It' Vook a Preview of Apple's Tablet

Take a look at Vook's implementation of Gary Vaynerchuk's book Crush It.

Here you can see video, text, links and easy navigation.

How great would it be for my book, Get Seen, which is all about creating video, have embedded video on it's pages?

It would be awesome!

The Wall Street Journal Reports:
Apple is expected to back up the device with an array of downloadable books, periodicals, videogames and movies, as well as make it compatible with its formidable App Store.

Publishers will unveil "fairly soon" new types of enhanced content--featuring images, video, audio and embedded Web links-- to take advantage of the Apple tablet's multimedia capabilities, people familiar with the situation said. Apple is also expected to offer publishers a 70% royalty--double the 35% rate established by Amazon - the people said.
In addition to providing a great way of consuming books, this rumored Apple tablet, along with Apple's existing array of platforms has the opportunity to introduce a new way of thinking about book publishing.

I just spent a year writing my book. It went through a few rounds of editing. I added images. I provided links to external sites and videos.

I'd love to see a tablet version of Get Seen that allows the reader to watch the videos inline while reading, AND visit the websites I mention in the book.

Sounds a lot like blogging doesn't it.

There are rumors that a new iLife 2010 is coming out. It'll be very interesting if, included in that suite is a new content creation platform.

A software platform that allows content creators to easily create and share documents that combine text, audio, video, links and webpages.

What are you thinking?


Vook Sets Stage for Mass Scale Multi-Media Publishing

Update 4/3/10:

"Gary's Vook, CrushIt is now an iPad application, as are 18 of Vook's titles. Check out the page for Gary's Vook." via Vook


  1. Embedded video - a webpage?

  2. Steve, this is a thought-provoking piece & I'd like to read/watch your book via Vook just like Crush It.

    Unfortunately, I have a problem with Vook: Let's say you read 10 or so pages of it, close it, open some other app & then go back to Vook. It doesn't remember that you're 10 pages in. It starts over from page one. Boo! Once it learns to remember where you are, it's going to be great!