Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to use the language of video, that's really it, Dunkley Gyimah - Get Seen Interview

Steve Garfield: Okay. Quiet on the set, everyone. Thank you. Quiet on the set. Okay. Good. Ready? Okay, tell us who you are.

Dunkley Gyimah: My name is David Dunkley Gyimah.

Steve Garfield: And what do you do?

Dunkley Gyimah: I pretend that I do video.

Steve Garfield: Okay. What's happening in citizen journalism right now? What are people doing and what should they be doing?

Dunkley Gyimah: That's a big question, Steve. People are doing amazing things. There are different variations of video journalism. People are mashing up cultures. People are shooting this and they are shooting that. The industry is back to front and it's front to back. People are trying to sort out a new esthetic as to what's going to be big online when we get out of this public mess of an economic crisis and, you know, jobs become more available.

Steve Garfield: If someone wanted to get started telling stories and putting them up on the web, what do you advice?

Dunkley Gyimah: Exactly what you're doing now. You're no pro. You're using the Flip to do this. It's a great camera for the intimacy because you don't actually realize you've been intimate. I mean I just think I'm speaking to you. So, I think whatever works, works if it's a Flip, if it's an ID. He's laughing on the camera making funny faces. So, it what works with you and I think once we understand whoever is behind this, how to use the language of video, that's really it. In the end, this is not about the technology per se even though we need breakthroughs. We need to have that [unintelligible]. We have to tell our story and ultimately it's you as a storyteller is what really matters. It's what you do behind it. It's the kind of gray matter of your visualization and [unintelligible] that makes everything work.

Steve Garfield: Okay. Great. Now, if people want to find you on the web, where do they go?

Dunkley Gyimah: They go to or they go to my blog, which is

Steve Garfield: Excellent. I actually also have a Blogspot blog because I'm kind of loyal to it, you know? I was one of the first, you probably were too, and there's nothing wrong with it. It works, right?

Dunkley Gyimah: Yeah, yeah, yeah. My friends say you can go to WordPress and I'm like, "Oh, look. If it's good, if your blog is doing something, making content, people will find you whether you're at Blogspot, whatever the case is." So, you know, it's content that matters.

Steve Garfield: And if you go to, then you're going to have to start being a database administrator and administrating everything and you don't want to do that. You just want it up there and you want to go tell stories, right?

Dunkley : Absolutely, absolutely, and that's why you're a genius. That is why you, Mr. Garfield, is a genius. He's laughing. You can't hold it back. He's laughing.

Steve Garfield: [Unintelligible].

Dunkley Gyimah: There you go. [Unintelligible].

Steve Garfield: See you later.

Dunkley Gyimah: Thank you.

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