Monday, January 18, 2010

New book offers advice on how businesses can use Internet video

Scott Kirsner article about Get Seen on Innovation Economy blog.
Garfield has been one of the pioneers and proponents of what might be called "citizen-vérité" video for the Web: slice-of-life vignettes, talk-to-the-camera reportage, and live video streaming from conferences, without the typical "big media" sheen.
Garfield established a reputation as someone willing to help others figure out the right camera, software and services to start videoblogging on their own (usually doing it for free, sometimes as a paid consultant to companies.) Garfield became the Boston correspondent for the satirical daily news show "Rocketboom," and started making videos for Boston city councilor John Tobin, whom he dubbed "the first US elected official to vlog." ("Vlog" being the short-hand, of course, for videoblog.) At local events, he'd be the one streaming live from his cell phone, or explaining the merits of the new Flip point-and-shoot video camera. Garfield also helped convene the monthly Boston Media Makers gathering, now starting its fifth year of Sunday brunches at Doyle's Cafe.

His first book is out today, a compendium of his advice on shooting compelling video for the Web: "Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business."
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