Saturday, January 16, 2010

Three Ideas on How to Use Videoblogging in Your Business

If you are looking for new customers, an important thing to share with them is who YOU and YOUR COMPANY are.

Introducing yourself with a video to people who visit your website gives it a more personal feel.

I helped Creative Resources Group use this idea on thier website.

If you have a staff, put them on video, and have them introduce themselves and what they do. Then your company will stand out vs. others that only have text writeups on thier staff.

Working with Boston City Councillor John Tobin we record videos so that constituents hear directly from Councillor Tobin.

Post videos with people from your company explaining things. Take short topics, and make 1 - 2 minute videos explaining answers to questions that you get a lot.

Third Sector New England
I produced a video database of knowledge to Third Sector New England which allowed prospective clients to both see and hear the the staff at TSNE and also learn from each video.

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  1. Thank you steve!!!. I am going to implement this three steps for my practice (I am a top producer)!!! and congratulations for "Get seen book". It is really amazing
    Fernando Colosimo
    Buenos Aires, Argentina