Saturday, January 09, 2010

How to Create A YouTube Playlist and Embed it in a Blog Post

If you've got a number of related YouTube videos that you'd like to present to your viewers in a playlist player, here's how.

Prior to creating your custom player, first create a PLAYLIST and add select YouTube videos to it.

Six Steps to Creating a Custom YouTube Playlist Player
Step 1: Click your username, account, and 'create custom video player'
Step 2: Select player format
Step 3: Enter name, description and choose colors
Step 4: Select the playlist of video you want to show up in your player
Step 5: Copy embed code
Step 6: Paste into your blog

Here are the detailed steps to Creating a Custom YouTube Playlist Player:

Click on your USERNAME on the top right of your YouTube page and select ACCOUNT.


Select the player you want to create.


Then choose THEME colors

In the CONTENT area, choose the Playlist you'd like to show up in your custom player.

Copy the EMBED code.

Navigate to your blogging software, create a new post, select to edit in HTML mode, and PASTE in the HTML code


Then you have a YouTube playlist player in your blog.

Here's mine:

Get Seen Interviews - YouTube Playlist

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