Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's easy to put video online in three steps, Jacob Soboroff - Get Seen Interview

Interview transcript:

Jacob Soboroff: I'm Jacob Soboroff. I'm the executive director of "Why Tuesday?" which is at and that's a non-partisan election reform group, most are correspondents for AMC news and the AMC network and I contribute to NPR Weekend Soapbox, which is the blog from Weekend Edition on NPR.

Steve Garfield: Okay. So, I'd like to know what is your advice for people who want to put video online.

Jacob Soboroff: Just do it I think. Grab a camera like a Flip camera, like Steve is using right now, and just start shooting. Hit Record. Something that is as simple as this, I'm sure many of you have a Mac or whatever, you take the Flip cam, you plug the thing into your computer, you drag it, you drop it, and at this point it's so easy. In about three steps, you can have a piece of video online. Bring a camera with you everywhere. That's what I -- I mean my brothers and sisters now I'm giving them, my real brothers and sisters, I have four siblings, I said, "Take a Flip cam and just start walking around with it and put it online." We all live in different parts of the country and that's how we keep in touch now, you know, through Facebook and through social networking. Online video I think is easier than ever before probably.

Steve Garfield: I noticed that the Flip cam, when it puts video up on YouTube, it makes it a little smaller.

Jacob Soboroff: Yeah.

Steve Garfield: Instead of 1280, it makes it like 640.

Jacob Soboroff: Yeah.

Steve Garfield: I actually asked them why they're doing that and they say they want to make it faster and smaller, but they really don't have to or shouldn't. Shouldn't they allow the biggest quality to go out?

Jacob Soboroff: I think why not, yeah. I don't see why not.

Steve Garfield: Yeah.

Jacob Soboroff: When I put my Flip cam up, and I notice this, sometimes you get the bars on the side of the screen when I put my Flip cam up direct and I was wondering why is that going on. I don't know. You're probably more tech with me than I am as far as that goes, but I don't see why. High quality is best quality as far as I'm concerned.

Steve Garfield: Yeah. Oh okay, great. If people want to find you on the web, where do they go?

Jacob Soboroff:,, or for the AMC Network. Too many websites, oh my God.

Steve Garfield: Okay. Hey, that's good timing.

Jacob Soboroff: Cool. Thanks man.

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