Saturday, January 02, 2010

Three Best Albums of 2009 and the Web Marketing that Made them Awesome

Imogen Heap - Ellipse

Imogen Heap embraced social media with her use of twitter, YouTube, and live video chats and concerts with her fans.

She crowd sourced images for her new CD and auditioned fans online to play with her in concert dates.

While making Ellipse, Imogen let us into her studio and showed us how she was recording hte album nad let us listen to bit and pieces.

Alicia Keys - The Element of Freedom

Alicia Keys is also on twitter and YouTube.

Alicia Keys supported the Back to Africa charity with an a amazing live streamed concert on YouTube. The quality was superb.

After watching, I donated and then bought the album online.


The Black Eyed Peas are everywhere. Dipdive, their own site, Oprah, you know what I mean.

Note: This is the first time I've used this Lala embedded player to share albums. Pretty cool.

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