Sunday, September 03, 2006

Boston Public Garden Tableau

Boston Photography Center Tabblo.

Yesterday the Boston Photography Center had a Click and Shoot Meetup at the Boston Public Garden. About fifteen photographers met up for the event. It was my first Boston Photography Center event.

I was happy to see one member arrive on a bike with a camera attached to his handlebars.

I had a bunch of free passes for a ride on the Swanboats, so most of the group took a ride. I hadn't been since I was little. It's a nice ride and also gives you a lot of photo opportunities.

I got to talking with another member and we discussed what modes we shoot in on our Digital Rebels. I have been using automatic and getting good results. He uses manual mode and explained that it took him a very long time to figure out manual mode since the 'manual' doesn't explain it too well.

He then gave me a five minute lesson on how to use the manual settings. It's a combination of using the scroll wheel, the aperture button and depressing the shutter half way to check your exposure. I'm sure it's explained on the net somewhere and if it isn't I'll have to make a video to tell you how to do it...

With my newfound knowledge I went out and shot a bunch of photos in manual mode, up until I happened upon a wedding where I reverted to automatic mode to make sure I got the shots. It'll take time to become confident using the manual settings, but I think it'll help a lot...

Here's my first Tabblo from yesterday's shoot:

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