Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reporting for Rocketboom from VON

Check out a bunch of Jeff Pulver's images from Fall 2006 VON: Day 2.

In this one, Jeff captured Sherng-Lee Huang and me as we were having the best of times recording a field report for Rocketboom. It's the first time I've worked with Sherg-Lee.

It's like Tom Brady having to get used to a new receiver. With Carol and I, we have it down after doing over a year's worth of Carol and Steve Shows.

We've both done this type of reporter for a long time and just had to get the non verbal communication going. He wanted me to cheat towards the camera, which meant to face it instead of the interviewee. I also could maneuver placing my back towards the camera so that the person I was interviewing would keep looking at me and therefore the camera.

Sherng-Lee started calling me "one-shot", even though a couple of times I had to do a retake. I liked being able to make him laugh with an unexpected comment. I hope the piece comes out and shows how much fun we had on the VON show floor while also showing you some cool new technology we came across. You'll have to wait to see the Rocketboom piece since what we saw is still in development.

When this new technology becomes available, it is going to change citizen journalism forever. Truly groundbreaking stuff. Last week I was excited that I could upload a video over WiFi from a Nokia N93. Wait until you see what's next!

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