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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Diggnation TV Network

Young Internet Producers, Bankrolled, Are Seeking Act II - New York Times:
"Many of Revision3’s performers and producers, including Mr. Rose and Mr. Albrecht, gained experience on the cable television channel TechTV, so they come to the shows with production skills.

That puts the company on the leading edge of a shift in Internet video from user-generated clips to “a more controlled environment,” said Allen Weiner, a research director at the market research firm Gartner.

Mr. Weiner predicted that the popularity of this kind of programming would surge in the next few months. Whether it will turn into an enduring form of entertainment, let alone a profitable one, is an open question. “Let’s face it, this is an experiment in progress,” Mr. Weiner said."
With $1 million in finaincing Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose are turning Revision3 Corporation into an Internet video production firm.

This is front page news in today's New York Times Business Day section.

Stay tuned for more.

There are going to be internet TV networks created that don't require $1 million dollars.