Friday, September 22, 2006

Lieutenant Governor Kerry M. Healey is Brilliant

Logan traffic becomes issue in governor's race:
"When Lieutenant Governor Kerry M. Healey unveiled a list Wednesday of 50 big ideas she'd pursue as governor, there at number 44 was creating a cellphone parking lot at the airport. About 30 US airports have such lots, where motorists awaiting an arriving passenger can park for free, then drive to the terminal curb after their party has arrived and called them.

``Just about everyone who has headed over to Logan Airport,' Healey said, ``has a story about endlessly circling the terminal while waiting to pick up a passenger' whose flight or bags were delayed. That creates not only hassles but congestion and potential security risks, Healey said."
This is a great idea.

I went to Logan Airport last night to pick up some family members. The flight got in at 9:10 and their luggage arrived at 10:10. That's AirTran for you. The luggage was on another filght! Probably had a connection.

So I went over to Terminal C to wait, but there is no place over there to wait. State Police move you along and make you leave. If you pull up to the far right hand side, heading to the next termainal, that's not a safe place either. The State Police make you move from that area too. I circled around the airport again and settled in at Terminal B where I wasn't bothered.

Lot's of times if I'm early, I just park in a garage.

And don't get me started on no free WiFi at Logan. Also a mess. Is that on Kerry Healy's list? Unfortunatley her list in in some type of embedded web page. It should be on an easy to read text page. Why make me click 50 times to find something.

Lieutenant Governor Kerry M. Healey is no so smart.

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