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Monday, September 18, 2006

Join JPG Magazine

I just joined a photography magazine, JPG Magazine:
"JPG is not just another photo sharing site - it's a community that's come together to create a photo magazine."
Isn't that a cool idea?

Joining a magazine?

We enjoy media when it enterains and informs us. Now there is is a third thing it can do, let us belong.

At the recent PodCamp and VON, this theme of belonging has come to the fore. It's exciting.

John Herman restated this emerging theme in his talk at PodCamp after hearing it in a session. Andrew Baron talked about it at VON. Can someone tell me who first brought it up in a podcamp session?

Update 2:
It was Jared Spool. He writes in:
Yup. Andrew was talking about what people came to vlogs/podcasts for. He suggested there were two reasons: information and entertainment. He then asked the audience if there was anything other reasons. I chimed in with belonging.

I think a lot of the resonance we're seeing with Web 2.0 comes from how people feel connected with others who interact with the same material. You see this in, Flickr, Rocketboom's comments, zeFrank's wiki, and, as you mention, JPG's creation.

Thanks Jared.


  1. Steve, I heard it Andrew's session at PodCamp. He had two things for the internet: information and enterainment. Someone in the back (I later learned it was Jared Spool) made the suggestion to add belonging to the listing. Andrew agreed and put it on the board.

    We should be able to verify this by listing to the recording of Andrew's session. I was keeping notes the old fashioned way by hand.

    It makes sense that Andrew then used it at VON.

  2. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Jared was right on! And it was one of those moments that obviously inspired me to expand upon in my own presentation. When I started video podcasting, I followed the motto of the PBS affiliate that I worked at for a few years. Their motto was to Educate, Entertain, and Enrich. What is missing? Belonging. It is the puzzle piece that New Media can provide so much easier than the old media. It is that "belonging" that will really define the future of how we are educated, entertained, and enriched. These are exciting times.