Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Future of Internet TV is a seamless full screen video interface that allows you to watch a stream of video. We Want Your Soul is cool.

It's be nice if the little text at the top, which provides links back to the creator, would be able to provide a permalink to the video you are watching so you could give feedback on that specific video.

It's a fun way to sample videos.
via [ Scoble ]


  1. Steve, on the usability train today. The interface to navigate and control is not intuitive. Semi-techie that I am took a chance and clicked to find something, I am not sure how many others would. There is nothing to indicate what to do or where to click to navigate to a menu.

    "We want your soul" is scary!

  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I have to agree with Steve S., very not intuitive.