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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Proposal: Creative Commons 50/50 License

I've got a Creative Commons license on all my content.

Here's the license I have chosen:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

This means people can use my work as long as it's not for commercial purposes. They don't even have to ask as long as they follow the rules and give me credit. It's also nice if they let me know

If people want to use my work for commercial purposes they can contact me and we can work something out. I'm pretty much ok with a 50/50 split of revenue if someone wants to use my content.

I am proposing a new CC license that encompases this idea.

The same Non Commercial license with a 50/50 add on, so if someone wants to use my work for a commercial purpose they can, as long as they split the profits with me 50/50.

I don't want to deal with long contracts. Just let me know you want to use my work and split the profits with me 50/50.

Your thoughts...

Andy Carvin expands on my new Creative License idea.

Nice work.


  1. I'd just make sure that everyone is crystal clear that the 50% profit split is in no way a dilution of your equity. You own 100% of the material and share 50% of any money made. (obviously, any losses are the licensee's problem)

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  2. I think it may be best to keep it up to the individual, like what you're doing now.

    If it is made 50/50 right off the bat, it prevents the possibility of haggling. What if, down the road, you want 60% of the revenue? Etc etc.

  3. 50/50 is a starting point.

    Maybe Creative Commons could implement a system where you posted your preferred revenue split, let's say, 60/40, and then an advertiser could either accept that, or they could key in their counter proposal, like 40/60, and then you could compromise.

  4. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I'm loving this Steve. I think Chris Penn is right though, but the idea of not worrying about contracts and the like is where it's at. Great stuff!