Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yahoo! Groups and Community

Gilbert Hammer writes about video and community, IPTV EVANGELIST: Yahoo! IPTV 2000/2006
The answer, I think, is in creating a platform where there is relevance for communities. I was talking with a friend recently who put it simply. "Yahoo! groups are a core asset of the company" yet he did not understand why they do not leverage that community to build content channels! Examples abound, a special interest group for instance can share content and mash it up. And that would make it a better targeted group for adverts....
This is a very good point. The Yahoo! videoblogging group is over 3,000 people who exchange ideas in the forum, but don't utilize other parts of the Yahhoo! enviromnent. Whith Yahoo's recent acquisition of JumpCut, maybe there can be som synergy there.

Have you used JumpCut?

How do you feel about editing video online?

Do you prefer computer based editing tools like iMove, Windows Movie Maker and advanced tools like Final Cut Pro?


  1. Anonymous6:48 PM


    Business Week reported today that Starbucks Chairman Howard Schulz is investing 12-Mil into VideoEgg, further proof that companies are scouring the earth in search of video deals and business models to leverage this medium.

    To your statement that "Yahoo! videoblogging group is over 3,000 people" speaks exactly to my lack of understand why Y! has yet to leverage this "Built In" community. In addition, in the case of the group you mentioned these are folks already drinking the Kool-Aid!

    As to your question about Jumpcut, I have played around with it and think they are the best of breed for on-line editing to date. Personally, I use Sony Vegas 6.0 for my site: as I like having more advanced feature sets for both audio and video. That said, there are plenty of groups whereby these on-line tools would be sufficient.

    Lastly, if traveling, or in that situation whereby my workstation is not, available it would be very useful to have the ability to access my content remotely and edit on-line…


  2. Anonymous2:35 AM

    I've used Jumpcut briefly, as part of my testing grounds (, but the whole idea of online editing seems silly to me - it requires the extra step of uploading very large files, and at current upstream bandwidth, that could take days. And I have far more powerful editing tools right on my laptop which, if I want that desperately to edit, is with me anyway.