Friday, September 29, 2006

Does Duration Paint Last?

Sherwin-Williams Duration Paint:
"'Duration is the best paint I've ever used on the exterior of a house - period,' Cooper says. 'It flows well and goes on thick. It remains flexible and absolutely resists peeling. We did a home in Lakewood, Ohio, that was having major peeling problems six months to a year after every paint job. We painted it with Duration with our normal surface prep and it hasn't peeled two years later. Anytime I do an exterior job, I spec Duration.'"
We're painting our house which has been stained for approximately 100 years.

Stain is great since it never peels. We are considering using Sherwin-Williams Duration Paint. It's also never supposed to peel, having a lifetime guarantee against peeling.

Does anyone have first hand experience with it?


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