Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Vloggers First Steps

Beth's Blog: Moment Capture/Sharing from Conference Sessions ...:
"After a great session by Steve Garfield I was inspired to go forth and videocast. I wasn't gonna let anything stop me - no way. So, I ignored the fact that I:

-lacked of an expert level of understanding of compression (do I really need to know if I'm using hipcast?)
-did not have a high-end camera (I used this camera which costs less than $200 reburbished)
-didn't have any time to do any video editing and wanted to publish fairly quickly

But I did have a desire to learn more about podcasting, including microphones. I went in with the eyes of what my colleague, David Wilcox, has dubbed 'citizen knowledge manager.' He observes
' ...the combination of excellent short video clips available online, together with an 'I could do that' feeling, means we are going to see more and more attention paid to mixed media in knowledge sharing.'
Congratulations Beth.

I love hearing your thoughts about taking your first videoblogging steps...


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Thanks for your encouragement. I've been trying to figure out how to hold the camera and shoot myself -- and get it framed. I think my arms are too short. Any advice on that?

  2. Hold the camera on your left hand, extend your arm fully and press record.

    See how it looks.