Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nokia Nseries Studio

Loudeye aquisition

Won't talk about it today

Introducing a ciommunity that is a service

Music recomenders community and service.

Worldwide experts on all types of music.

David Bowie is on a video as an expert on music. He loves playing mew music for people.

Reckless Records in Chicago is an expert.

Phatbeats NYC...

People from all over the world, Japan, Brazil... very cool...

Trusted sources that are part of a community to recomend..

"There is something else..."

Hey! Like Steve Jobs.

One more thing.

Nokia N75

It's a music player and you can flip it up and make it look like a phone.

Dedicated for US market. Stereo speakers, syncronization. Nokia web browser.

Tis is an amazing story. It's a music player like the iPod, but it's also a multimedia computer that lets you browse the web and also use it as a phone.

You can use Python or C++ or Java and write you own programs for this multimedia computer.

Very differnet than an iPod.

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