Thursday, September 14, 2006

VON was so much fun

Justin, Jeff and John by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Here's Justin Kownacki, Jeff Pulver and John Herman on the floor at VON Boston 2006.

Jeff was down on the floor getting the perfect angle for a photo when I saw him sitting there. He was just about to get up and I yelled, "Stay there!" and grabbed my camera.

As I was getting ready to take the shot, Justin and John jumped in.

This shot captures only one moment of my time at VON, and is a good example of why the Video on the Net portion of VON was different than most industry conferences I attend.

It's because of Jeff Pulver. Jeff joined us at PodCamp last weekend and it was my first time meeting him. He's the real deal. Authentic, giving and funny.

Thanks Jeff for including the vloggers in this year's VON. From here on out VON will NEVER be the same. Looking forward to Video on the Net in March in San Jose.


  1. Steve! It was so so awesome to hang out with you at VON. And you ARE a media star! Can't wait to see you again soon in Boston, NY or San Jose... Dina (

  2. Steve -- VON was so much fun because you helped make it fun. For me this was a transformational event and I am looking forward to the next time we can spend some quality time together as we try to change the world. :)