Friday, September 15, 2006

A Game Show About Art

Art Interactive - Art Show Down:
"Beginning in the 1950s, at the end of the quiz show era, several scandals revealed that networks were conspiring to affect the outcomes of competitions and their ratings. A series of investigations by the Federal Communications Commission led to a general distrust of commercial networks. Through the process of re-branding quiz shows as game shows, along with new FCC regulations, game shows regained the trust of their audiences and soared in popularity. Art Show Down aims to critique and exploit the game show genre by exploring the nature of televised competition and how it interfaces with commercial interests, culture, and the production of contemporary art."
Sept. 16, 2 & 6 pm
Sept. 30, 2 & 6 pm
Oct. 14, 2 & 6 pm
Oct. 28, 6 pm

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