Saturday, September 02, 2006

Snakes on a Plane and Amanda Congdon

The "Snakes on a Plane" Problem (Esquire Magazine: Personal Finance) |
"Much like the Arcade Fire and Amanda Congdon, 'Snakes on a Plane' has become one of those topics that Internet people love writing about, mostly because they feel a sense of ownership over its cultural impact."
We 'internet people' have been allowed to participate for the first time. That's why we feel a sense of ownership.

In the example of Rocketbooom, viewers contribute a good portion of the story ideas. I get to shoot and submit video segments about things that interest me. There is an audience for stories that aren't being covered by big media. It's a collaboration.

The same goes for what Ze Frank is doing with The Show. Viewers write scripts, send in video, and participate in ways that CBS would never dream of.

Earth Sandwich. Hello?

This little box on top of the Esquire Magazine story is an example of how they think.

It's all about them. Out of the eight links provided, only one is there for feedback, and that one just let's you send in an email.

Where is there a place to discuss the article in public?


Well, I guess you could discuss it here, in the c_c_c_c_comments.


  1. You've said it perfectly. They hand out sooty cake, and say, "Eat this, peasants."

    I was talking with a corporate speaker for hire, and she was crapping on a public speaker for not engaging her audience. My thought back was, "But look at her title: public SPEAKER. What we need are public CONVERSATIONALISTS."

    The conversation is yet another way to engage, to encourage, to build that relationship.

    Hell, I haven't even DONE my ze Frank intro, but every time I see a new one, I think, "I could BE on this show!" When I saw your bit for Galacticast, I thought, "I want in!"

    Does regular media and TV do that? No. It says, "You watch us, and we'll entertain you. Sit right there, monkeys."

    Not that all regular TV isn't interesting. It's just that even less interesting new media engages me more because it has handles.

    Handles that I can grab and carry the experience with me.

    Amanda on a Snaky Plane.

  2. Total pet peeve when a source doesn't let you discuss. It's like getting a hotel room and not finding a coffee maker in the room.