Friday, September 15, 2006

The Stooges at TV38

With the recent loss of Filene's to Macy's, I've been thinking about the things we loose when our local institutions are gobbled up by big companies.

You can even think back to the loss of Jordan's when Macy's bought them. No more Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins. At least for a while a local baker gave it a go and the muffins were available again, but they arn't any longer. Roche Bros. muffins are close though.

So now UPN38 and WB56 are merging, WB56 is the CW and is being bought by Sunbeam who already owns Channel 7. The news on 56 will now be 7 news, which I used to like until their recent meltdown.

Here's what the news on 56 is now going to look like:
Ansin said the product -- from story selection to graphics to music -- will attempt to attract a younger demographic and go head-to-head with rival WFXT (Channel 25). The revamped Channel 56 newscast will be ``somewhat similar" to Channel 7's 11 p.m. broadcast, Ansin said, as ``the top news doesn't change."
Great. That's just what we need. More of the same.

Now TV38 is back. The name reminds me of happier times as a child, although the programming doesn't.

On a good note though, there are a bunch of Three Stooges time slots. Thanks for that.

I used to love watching Ask the manager. The station manager would answer viewer mail and it was a low production show with high comedy.

I emailed TV38 to see if Ask the Manager would be coming back.

They replied:
Dear Steve,

Thank you for your email. We appreciate your suggestions. At this
time, there are no plans to bring back Ask the Manager, however your
comments have been forwarded to station management.

Thank you,
Programming Department
How do you feel about all of this?


  1. There may be Three Stooges films, but Major Mudd isn't around to introduce them. Sigh!

  2. Maybe Dana Hersey is available.