Saturday, December 19, 2009

Free Public Skating at Fenway Park. Ticket Giveaway This Morning

Waiting for polls to open.
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City to give away tickets to skate at Fenway Park | Universal Hub:
"Boston will distribute tickets for free public skating at Fenway on two days next month at community centers across the city this Saturday between 9 and 11 a.m. (except in Chinatown, where the hours will be 12-2).

Boston residents (and, yes, proof of residency will be required) can get up to four tickets per family for either Jan. 3 or Jan. 10, according to the mayor's office. Roughly 3,000 tickets will be distributed. The rink, now set up to let the Bruins and the Flyers play on New Year's Day, will be open to ticket holders during the afternoon and evening, thanks to sponsorship from SunLife."

Note this from the comments at Universal Hub:
According to the Mayor's Office, there are 3000 skate tickets equally distributed amongst the 16 Centers listed. Each Boston resident can get up to 4 tickets for themselves and their family. So, there are approximately 187/188 tickets per Center (3000/16) of which the first approximately 47/48 persons can get the entire allocation if they each take 4 tickets.

Something to think about if you are considering waiting out in the cold for these. Good luck!
At 8:47 AM there are approximately 60 people in line at Curtis Hall in JP.

The line for waitlist tickets:
In line for Fenway Park Skate Tickets

A video report from Curtis Hall:

We ended up with nothing.

Had some nice chats though with people in line. After the tickets were gone, there were approximately 80 - 100 more people in line. There was talk of renting out the ice for an hour, but rumors had the cost to do that at $10,000/hour.

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