Saturday, December 26, 2009

Share a Flip Movie to Facebook with FlipShare 5.0.5

You can now share your movies directly to Facebook with the new version of Flip software, FlipShare 5.0.5.

Download FlipShare 5.0.5 here.

Here are the four steps to follow to share a Flip video on Facebook with FlipShare 5.0.5.

Step 1: Select the movie you want to share and Click Online.
Step 2: Select Facebook and Click Next
Step 3: Login ( This step is optional is you've already connected to Facebook)
Step 4: Click Share

It's so easy!

Here's are the detailed steps on how to upload your first movie to Facebook.  You only have to Sign In to Facebook and allow access the first time.

After creating your movie, click to Select the movie you want to share on Facebok, then Click Online in the Share section at the bottom of the page:

Then, from the share your Items online dialog box, Click Facebook and then Click Next:

If you already have a Facebook account, Click Login:

After entering your Username and Password, Click Connect:

You will then be logged into Facebook.

Click Allow Publishing:

Click Share:

Then at the bottom left of the FlipShare screen, you will see "FlipShare is working."

When the movie is finished uploading to Facebook, you'll see, Your items are ready!" Click Go to Facebook video album to see your video on Facebook.

There's your video:

It also shows up on your Wall:

If you click on the video, from the Your Videos listing (as seen above), you can then click on Edit Video to modify who is in the video, the Title, Description, Privacy and Thumbnail Image.

This is what the video looks like on it's own page in HD.

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