Monday, December 14, 2009

People Mentioned in GET SEEN by Steve Garfield

People Mentioned in GET SEEN by Steve Garfield

I interviewed many of these people for my book, Get Seen, available nationwide on January. I can't wait for you to see it. It was so much fun to interview them. Some I interviewed in person and some via email. I learned a lot. One thing I aked was, "What tools do you use to make video?" I got so many amazing answers.

Interviewees: Adam Elend, Adam Quirk, Amanda Congdon, Bre Pettis, Brett Gaylor, Chris Pirillo, Chuck Olsen, Corey Kronengold, Dan Rayburn, Dunkley Gyimah, Felicia Day, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gavin Purcell, Gina Cooper, Israel Hyman, Jacob Soboroff, Jay Dedman, Jeff Jarvis, Jeff Pulver, Jimmy Fallon, Justine Ezarik, Kent Nichols, Kevin Dando, Kevin Nalts, Loic Le Meur, Mark Rotblat, Max Haot, Mike Hudack, Robb Montgomery, Schlomo Rabinowitz, Scott Kirsner, Scott Monty, Shira Lazar, Steve Woolf, Thomas Gensemer, Tim Street, Wm. Marc Salsberry, Zadi Diaz, Baratunde Thurston,

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Note: Thanks Seth Godin for your new FREE eBook about "What Matters Now" and post that prompted me to take another look at Wordle.

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