Wednesday, December 23, 2009

9 Swans a Swimming, 2 Hawks a Killing, 1 Dead Squirrel

Walking Jamaica Pond this morning we saw a number of unusual events.

First we saw nine swans swimming inthe pond. You never see that.

Next we saw a hawk that had just killed a squirrel.

Amazing the moments you can capture when you have a video camera handy.

These videos were shot with an iPhone 3GS and uploaded directly to YouTube.

We authored a new Christmas song about the experience.

Two Days Before Christmas

Two days before Christmas,
We were walking Jamaica Pond.

We saw lots of geese a laying,
Nine swans a swimming,
Two hawks a killing,
One Dead squirrel.

Then we walked to Centre Street,
Into JP Licks,
and had a Medium Decaf Latte.

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