Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Streamy Awards: Best Vlogger

I love this quote about popularity contests, "I hate them until I win, then I love them."

I'm happy to see that the Streamy Awards's have a category for Best Vlogger.

That's great because it brings us back to the individual, as opposed to all the other categories that are attached to a Web Series.

There's nothing wrong with Web Series, I like them, but I'm glad this individual category got in there, even if they still label the data entry boxes with the word 'series'.

If you are heading over to vote, here's my info, so it's easy to copy and paste. Thanks!

1. Go here

2. Category: Best Vlogger

3. Person: Steve Garfield

4. Series Name: Steve Garfield's Video Blog

5. Series URL:

Here's what the form looks like when filled out:

Streamys: Best Vlogger

Thanks for supporting web video!

Update on how the Streamy's submission and voting works:
The Streamys are primarily a merit-based awards mixed with a small splash of popularity contest.

The series or individual with the most submissions in each of the non-Craft categories (click here for a full categories list) will automatically become an Official 2010 Streamy Awards Nominee. Only one submission, per IP address, per category, per day will be counted. For example, if the same person submits the same show in the same category 300 times in one day, only one of those votes will count.

With the exception of the Audience Choice Award, the remaining nominees in every category will be decided by members of the International Academy of Web Television.

This is a nomination for Best Vlogger. Winners will be announced in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 11, 2010.


  1. Congratulations on the nomination. It is nice to see that innovators like you are able to get some recognition. Though this award is nowhere near as mainstream as a Grammy or Emmy, I feel like it carries much more weight. Being honored by peers and fans alike is far better than a shallow victory, obviously. You were very entertaining and knowledgeable when you spoke to Zack Braiker's class. Good luck.

    - Daniel

  2. Thanks Daniel. Anyone can be nominated. I just updated the post to include how Streamy's submissions and voting works.

  3. Thanks for showing me the step by step way to vote for you. You sure deserve it! (I had to open several tabs at a time, too bad I don't have photographic memory! haha)