Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Does My Site Do? screenshot

Chris Brogan suggests that you "Revisit Your Site Carefully"

I took a careful look at my site,

I've got two main calls to action: Follow me on twitter, and buy the book. Are those prominent enough?

I've got three more calls to action regarding the book, too many?

My Blog and Video Blog are under the fold. Hidden?

I've got lots of videos hidden under the top menu options for About Me and Videos. I'm thinking that I might want to put video on the front page. I do have a small video player, but that too is below the fold.

Do people actually read hte friendfeed stream?

How does your site look?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Steve,

    I think it's great that you're revisiting your design. It's something that everyone should do regularly.

    You mentioned that you have two main calls to action: following you on the twitters and buying your awesome book.

    What help do you give your users to do that? If they already knew they wanted to follow you on twitter, would they come to your site to do that? Or do they need some help deciding why they should?

    Same with the book: Have you given them any information on what they'll get from your book?

    Same with speaking engagements: Have you helped them understand why they might hire you to speak?

    I think, due to the nature of your site and what you want folks to do, you need to get a few more benefits of responding to the call to action on the page.

    Hope that helps,