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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Is Adam Lambert Smarter than Alicia Keys?

At Boston Media Makers this morning I talked how copyright owners handle cases of people posting videos on YouTube that include copyrighted music. My usual rule is, if you down't have permission, don't use it. There are planty of independent artists that would love to have you promote them.

Adam Lambert:

As a test, I uploaded my footage from the New England Car show with Adam Lambert's music. I also gave him credit. I received a message from YouTube saying that the video could stay up, and that it might include ads on it. Sony includes a link to buy the song on

Great compromise. They get promoted and I get to use the music. Also note that I kept in the background noise, so it's not a clean recording of just the song. Also, it's just a clip and not the whole song.

Sexy Cars Copyright Info

Sexy Cars

Alicia Keys:

I was amazed at the clarity of the Alicia Keys live stream on YouTube 12.01.09 WORLD AIDS DAY to support the Keep A Child Alive Charity. I captured a clip and posted it to share how good it looked along with a link to the charity.

I received a message from YouTube saying that the video would be blocked worldwide. Looks like they changed their mind, and now there's an ad on that video too, to buy the song on iTunes,, or eMusic. Interesting.

Alicia Keys Copyright Info

Alicia Keys

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