Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get Seen: Online Video Companion Web Site Launched

Get Seen: Online Video Secrets - Site

Kevin Nalty @Nalts describes what it was like in the early days of video blogging in his post Get Seen: Online Video Resource by Steve Garfield:
"Steve Garfield was vlogging before there were video cameras or the Internet. I’m not sure what that looked like, but perhaps he just stood in front of Boston houses and talked."
Thanks Kevin for blogging about the Get Seen: Online Video Secrets site. It's going to be huge, everyone should join and participate.

The Discussion Forum features topics on Uploading: Hosting and Distribution (Chapter 6), Recording and Shooting: (Chapter 4), Editing: (Chapter 5), Choosing a Camera (Chapter 1), Lighting and Sound (Chapter 2), General Chat, Making Videos Without a Video Camera (Chapter 3), Video Blogging (Chapter 8), Interviews, Broadcasting Live (Chapter 7).

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