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Saturday, December 05, 2009

New England Auto Show: Shiny Cars and Missing Cars

Cadillac at New England Auto Show

I went to the 2009 New England Auto Show compliments of Cadillac. They invited me to take a test drive of their new cars. I'll tell you about my test drive a little later, but first, look at the Sexy Cars on Turntables:

Shiny Cars:

Cadillac, Chevy Camaro and Ford cars on the turntables at the New England Auto Show 12/05/09.

Video was shot with a Kodak Zi8, courtesy of Kodak, in 720p mode at 60 fps.

Music courtesy Adam Lambert. 'Music Again' from his new album For Your Entertainment.

Missing Cars:

I was looking for the BMW 1 Series. Not around.

Also wanted to see an updated VW New Beetle. Not there.

Do Not Enter Cars:

I'm interested in the 2010 Ford Mustang, but it was displayed on a platform, and you could not get in it, or near it.

Do Not Touch: Ford Mustang at New England Auto Show

I wonder why that is. There was also a Ford Fiesta Movement car on the show floor, but that was locked.

Small Windows:

I really wanted to like the 2010 Camaro, bit sitting in it made me realize that the windows are too small for me. I'm used to my New Beetle that has a ton of glass.

Interesting Cars:
The Toyota Prius was interesting, lots of headroom, and it will parallel park itself for you. Now that is cool.

Cadillac Test Drive:
This is how auto shows should be. The idea of considering a Cadillac never crossed my mind, but after taking the no pressure test drive, it's on my mind.

I got to drive a Cadillac CTs around the convention center.

Cadillac at New England Auto Show

First impressions.

1. Power steering is nice. I haven't driven a car with power steering since I used to drive my parents car. Very cool.

Cadillac at New England Auto Show

2. Dual sunroofs, also very cool. I like how the dual sunroofs give the impression of a convertible car. The front sunroof slides back, but the back one doesn't. It would be cool if it did.

3. The heating system has dual controls. That's good for every couple I know of. One is always hot, the other cold.

Cadillac at New England Auto Show

4. The illuminated panel looked cool when we went under the convertion center bridge. I stopped to take a photo.

At the end of the test drive I had to rate it on a scale of 1-10.

I gave it a 9.

Convenient, no pressure, fun.

That's how test drives shoiuld be. The next thing they should do is give extended test drives to qualified shoppers.

Mini Cooper:

Mini at New England Auto Show

Lots of headroom. Why is the speedometer so huge and in the middle of the dashboard. Seems strange. I also don't like hte plastic fit and finish of the controls.

Otherwise, it's a nice car.